BuddhaThe Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular symbols used by Feng Shui Consultants for enhancing the good luck and wealth. Laughing Buddha is also known as Happy Buddha or Matreiya. This Buddha is regarded as one of the gods of wealth and keeping this symbol at home is said to bring prosperity. Buy Now

Set of laughing Buddha

Set of laughing BuddhaA set of three laughing buddha in hand painted ivory effect. These buddha figures may be placed together or spread about your house or office to encourage good fortuneThe laughing Buddha is regarded as one of the most auspicious Gods of wealth. It brings prosperity, success and financial gains to the house. Buy Now


Bird Watching birds soaring through the air, admiring their plumage and listening to their songs are all part of life no matter where you live. Every thing in Feng Shui is symbolic. Birds give the impression of freedom as they fly into the sky and symbolically serve as messengers from the heavens.Buy Now

Cresentmoon Painting

Cresentmoon PaintingEvery one what to Know in advance that he Will you see some career changes in the this year ? Or will you get higher promotion? will get promotion in your current Position ? Changing in job ?This career report will indicate exactly where your professional life is headed in the upcoming year. Buy Now

Crystal Tortoise

Crystal TortoiseTortoise is one of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui practice. Tortoises are as essential as dragons. It is the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection. Buy Now


DraganSnakeThis is an exceptionally good year for venturing overseas to push on with the career for the self-employed. You will experience good fortune if you venture abroad whether it is for studies or career.There are good signs of unexpected gains and benefactors.Buy Now

Dragon Headed Turtle

Dragon Headed TurtleDragon Tortoise combines two of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui practice. This wonderful combination produces a harmonized blend of qualities between a Dragon and a Tortoise, namely ambitious and wisdom. Buy Now


Fish Feng Shui Fish brings luck and wealth. Feng Shui Fish are creators of good luck and positive outcomes and in particular business success. A Feng Shui Fish is the Feng Shui element of Water and will bring you career fortune. Buy Now

Dragen Triple

Dragen TripleFeng Shui Tortoise is found to bring good Chi to your house. There are 4 celestial creatures, namely the Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger and Tortoise.Tortoise is the only celestial creature that ACTUALLY exists until today. This Feng Shui Tortoise is a symbol of longevity, happiness and harmonyBuy Now

Tortoise Dragon

Tortoise DragonFeng Shui Dragon Turtle has the head of dragon and the body of turtle. Turtle is a creature that can live up to several thousand years. It symbolizes longevity. The dragon symbolizes career success and courage.Buy Now


Dragon Dragon Feng Shui symbolizes the masculine energy known as yang. Yang Chi energy is a strong male energy that also promotes personal power. Dragon Feng Shui is a strong force that carries creativity and activity. Dragon Feng Shui symbolize success in any achievement as well as prosperity. Buy Now

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