WHEN WILL YOU GET MARRIED (Marriage Prospectus)

Every unmarried person either male or female want to know about yourself that When i will get married, where and whom you will get married, and some other information about your life partner like personality attitude and some other things you will get the answer of all these question in this report


Competition is increasing day by day at work place and it is not easy to get your cherished promotion and maintain good relation with bosses.There are many issues in Career. Unemployed and looking for a job? Are you worried about your career ? your will get answers such type of question in report

Worried about your current financial status?

Thinking whether you will be able to make enough money ? Wondering if you will get finance when you need it ? If all these questions and many more are running in your mind, do not wait too long and avail your Finance Report right away the get this report today.


Sing or Rashi

astrology marriage reportTher are twelve sign or rashi in astrolgoy ., the whole Zodic divied into twelve parts each sign has a particular nunmber these number in presented in accending order every sign associated with a fixed number like Ariese associated with number 1.


Marriage ProspectsEvery horoscope divided in 12th equal part every part of horoscope knkow as house or ghara. These twelve
sections can be thought of like twelve different types of pie or inportant part of life in which like health, education , pesonality.


astrology Job ProspectsPlanets in astrology have a meaning different from the modern astronomical understanding of what a planet is. Before the age of telescopes, there are 9th planet in astrology sun is in satble position and every planet move around the sun.

Planet effect in verious house

astrology Career Report 2013Every planet gives different effect in diffrent house depend on it;s good and bad position and owner ship of the planet as per PAC (Posited , Aspects, Conjunct) principal of astrology, We must keep in mind when analysis the horoscopes.


astrology Phone ConsultationToday every persion is busy in his/her life and do't not have time to meet personaly to get astrology consultiaon for those kind of persion we proveid the phone consultign service in this service you can consult your about your problem on phone to take appoitment for phone.>


astrology Ask a QuestionThere are 27 Nakshatras,each taking up 13.20. again each nakshtra divided into four parts of 03-20 each called Pada or Charan.The Nakshtra are also called lunar mansions .each Nakshtra has a symbol ,various attributes ..Nakshtra are generally used in the birth .

Important yoga in Horoscopes

altrology yogaPlacement of a planet in particular house gives benefic or malefic results to the person concerned and therefore by his placement a planet makes a special effect which is called Yoga . There are a number of yoga in astrology like Raj Yoogas, Dhana Yogas, Arishta Yoga etc.


astrology Finance ReportIn astrolgy panchage the the baseic part of the astrolgy and most popular and we use it for know the occasion time to perform any activity this is also called Muhurat. Tanchang made up of Five terms 1. Tithi . 2.Vara (week day), 3. Nakshatra(Star), 4. Karn 5. Yoga.

Shani Shadhe sathi Dhaya

astrology Children ReportThe birth of a newborn is a big event in the life of the family. Indian Astrology has on integral part to play through out the life of an individual. this report Covers characteristics, career, health, money, luck for family and other considerations
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Important dosh in horoscopes

Best Date for any ActivityAuspicious dates with auspicious times ensure your long term success and good profits in any activity like starting your business,Griha Pravesh, Marriage, traveling , joing job , interview timing etc. Wise persons consult scientific astrologers to calculate and provide auspicious dates

Parashana Shastra

astrology Love ReportWhat will your love life bring to you in 2013? Will your relationship turn into marriage? Will you suffer heartbreak? will love marriage success? should we get love marriage ? Get an indepth Love Analysis based on your birth chart or prasana chart . Get the answers of these

Vastu shastra

astrology Relationship AnalysistThis report is a fine product that matches two horoscopes and implies, Future Love Prediction, the compatibility between two persons on the emotional, mental, ideological etc. It involves arriving at a conclusion whether they would support with each other or which aspects would

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